The DURA-CON® Store is NOW OPEN!

We are proud to announce that the entire line of DURA-CON® Corrosion Resistant Fasteners can now be purchased online, 24/7 at from the comfort of your home or office. No calls, no quotes, just place your order online and wait for your fasteners to arrive. When you're looking for the best corrosion resistance in solar installations, marine structures, patio covers or any other outdoor use, turn to for the stainless steel and galvanized fastener substitute that saves money and performs better.

Check Out The Brittmore Group's Automated PV Positioning Using DURA-CON® Corrosion Resistant Fasteners

Robotics and automation have revolutionized the repetitive actions in manufacturing. Now, Brittmore Group is bringing this revolution to photovoltaic (PV) power plant construction, and they're using DURA-CON® Corrosion Resistant Fasteners to do it.